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Session Types

Deep Dives: A signature DL conference experience, Deep Dives provide immersive experiences that aim to support you in experiencing deeper learning for yourself. Will you dive into outdoor education, explore the power of AI, or develop ways to engage families and students as agents of change? The possibilities are transformative.

Community Advisory: Intentional small-by-design sessions throughout the event create an opportunity to build relationships, process experiences from the event, and discuss, plan, and act toward the future. Your Deep Dive colleagues will become your small group for three sessions during the event.

Workshops: Two rounds of 90-minute workshops offered on Day 1 (April 2) and Day 3 (April 4) of the event will connect you with practitioners and highlight promising practices. Session descriptions and details are posted in Sched with topics ranging from student agency to culturally responsive pedagogy to school transformation.

Den Talks: Opportunities for attendees to engage in deep conversations on issues that matter in education. No slide decks, just real talk–-the den is a place for attendees to connect with luminaries, hear transformative stories, and ask questions. The DL Den is the place to be!

Selecting Sessions

When do we select sessions?

Sched Preview Week will start on March 10th, when you can look at the session descriptions and make a plan for sessions you are interested in. During this week, Sched will be view only. You’ll want to ensure you are able to log into your Sched during preview week so you are ready for session selection. 

On March 17th at 5pm Pacific Time, you may select your sessions. Sessions hold a maximum of 25 participants by design, so some will fill up quickly. You will want to have 3-4 options in mind in case your first choices are full. There will be no waitlists.

Why is the deep dive so long?

We believe that deeper learning requires time to build relationships, and fully engage with topics. Deep Dives offer participants a chance to go deeper, which may include, research, reflection, creation, and collaboration. Some Deep Dives are project slices, where educators can experience a project as students, notice powerful teacher moves, and be inspired to transform your practice and schools. We recommend perusing the Deep Dive descriptions at preview week and selecting 3-4 options in case your first choices get filled quickly. Lunch is included with each deep dive.

Why should I attend Community Advisory?

If we are to learn deeply together, we have to know one another. Community Advisory offers a glimpse into ways we design our schools to build relationships among students. Participants will experience opportunities to make connections with other attendees, reflect on their learning, and make a plan for bringing back some of the DL goodness to your contexts. Your advisory group will be the same as your Deep Dive group, so you will have multiple opportunities to connect and collaborate.


Schedule Overview


On April 3, Day 2, your lunch schedule and location will be determined by your Deep Dive building location.

If your Deep Dive is at HTe, you will have lunch at the HTe Gym from 11:30-12:30.

If your Deep Dive is at HTHI, you’ll will have lunch at the HTe Gym from 12:30-1:30.

If your Deep Dive is at HTH, you will have lunch in the Quad right outside HTH from 11:30-12:30.


Chicken & Cheese Enchilada with green tomatillo sauce

Cheese Enchilada with Monterey Jack and Chihuahua cheeses and red sauce

Vegan Enchiladas with black beans, zucchini, corn, onions and green tomatillo sauce

served with Cilantro-Lime Rice / Mashed Black Beans / Chips & Guacamole / Dessert

On April 4, Day 3, we have grab and go boxed lunches available at the HTe Gym starting at 11:30 for those who are traveling.We hope you stay for our amazing closing Keynote, ___ and enjoy lunch together from 1:00-2:00.


Sandwich or Salad Entree complete with cookie, whole fruit, chips/bar, water or soft drink

Meet Ups & Social Hashtags

Share your DL experience on social media! Follow us on your favorite platform and post the things delight, surprise, inspire, and make you reflect. Use the hashtags #DeeperLearning and #DL25


If you want to create a meet up group during the conference, simply post using #DeeperLearning, and invite others to join you. You might create a meet up to run along the waterfront in the morning, or meet up with fellow elementary educators at breakfast, or find other folks who are curious about continuous improvement during lunch. Don’t forget to include information about the date, time, and place for the meet up!

Campus Map

DL25 takes place across our Point Loma Campus. Registration and the Opening Event will take place on the Education Promenade at 2861 Womble Road. All other conference activities will take place at:

  • The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High (HTH) 
  • High Tech High International (HTHI)
  • High Tech Elementary (HTe)
  • The Forum 

Bring your walking shoes and explore our Point Loma Campus!

Building Maps

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about checking in at the event launch?

Doors open at 1p on April 2nd at the Education Promenade (2861 Womble Road). Before you arrive, ensure you have created a Sched profile and signed up for a deep dive session.

Where do I go for help during the conference?

There is a help desk at HTe, HTH, and HTHI. In addition, there is registration support at the Education Promenade for any Sched issues or questions at registration.

Are there any other conference experiences I should know about?

Maker Space in the HTHI Commons allows you to engage in making and creating. Facilitated by students from our HTH schools, this space taps into your creative energy so you walk away with some cool products!

Connection Corner in the HTe Atrium provides a space for informal connections. Lounge on a couch, take some selfies at the selfie station, or mix and mingle! This is the perfect spot to find new friends or meet up with old friends.

DL Hall of Impact in the HTe Atrium allows participants to learn about various  initiatives that contribute to deeper learning and about their evidence-based impact on education. 

The DL Marketplace provides you an opportunity to support the student run screen-printing program at HTH by purchasing awesome DL merch such as t-shirts and totes! Find the marketplace in the Gym.

What spaces do you offer for folks who need some time alone?

Find the Calm Corner on the 2nd floor of HTe (above the Gym entrance) for meditation, reflection, or naps. For nursing mothers, we offer a Lactation Room. Please inquire with staff for access.





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